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Running more than one location? Add multiple locations under the same Account. Choose the right plan for each location. All Plans include the Standard Feature set and our awesome opt-in Add-ons.

Are you a campus or a multiple location site with more than 5 locations or buildings? Contact us for Enterprise Pricing.


Simply register your 30 Day Free Trial by selecting the Free Trial button at the top of the screen. You get to use all features and Add-ons during your Trial. We provide you with Getting Started Training and we provide you with awesome support when you need it. You can then decide to stop, or continue by choosing the plan that suits you the best.

Unfortunately not. We have thousands of organizations trialing WhosOnLocation each year and we are not able to provide hardware as part of your trial. The only new hardware you need will depend on how you wish to deploy WhosOnLocation within your trial location. In the situation where your receptionist will sign guests in and you are not issuing a printed visitor pass there is no new hardware required. However you may wish to issue passes in which case a label printer and possibly a barcode scanner will be needed. If you want guests to be able to self-sign-in then a kiosk will be required.

You are not printing labels: Any Windows PC or Tablet device will work as long as the internet browser being used is Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. We also support Mac workstations with the Safari internet browser and iPad using our WolKiosk app in the Apple Store.

You are printing labels: Any Windows PC or Tablet device will work as long as the internet browser being used is Internet Explorer or Firefox (not Chrome). We also support the iPad as a Kiosk using our WolKiosk app available in the Apple Store. Both the iPad and printer must share the same Wi-Fi. To learn more about iPad with printing check out our help article

Not at this stage. The platforms we currently support for tablet sized devices are iPad and Windows based tablets.

A Guest is a non-employee of your organization; for example a visitor or contractor.

Because your WhosOnLocation account supports both Guest and Employee presence management a sign-in means a Guest or Employee signing into a Location using the people presence management tools for the purpose of registering their presence on-site.

For example: if a regular visitor checks in 3 times this week at a location – that counts as 3 sign-ins. If an employee signed in every day, 220 business days of the year – that is 220 sign-ins.

A location means a physical location normally described as workplaces like Head Office, Warehouse, School premises, Manufacturing Plants, etc… with a unique physical address.

Yes there are discounts available if you deploy WhosOnLocation to 5 or more locations anywhere in the world – contact us for Enterprise Pricing.

We define a campus as a group of 3 or more buildings in the same location. Typical campuses are university campuses, large technology or research companies with multiple buildings spread across the same location, or manufacturing plants with multiple buildings – contact us for Enterprise Pricing.

All Plans include the Standard Feature Set and our opt-in Add-ons. The latter are effectively features but they are hidden from your account until the Account Owner activates them.

Standard Feature Set

  • Visitor and employee presence management
  • Visitor Pre-registration
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Receptionist Users
  • Setup as many kiosks as you like at a location
  • Multiple Guest Pass templates
  • Guest Pass Printing
  • Custom Guest Sign-in Questions
    • Multiple Choice questions
    • Single Choice Questions
    • NDA Waiver
    • Image based questions
    • Watch Video
    • Conditional Question workflows
  • Custom Welcome Greetings on Kiosk
  • Multiple ways for Guests to sign out
    • Scan out using barcode on kiosk
    • Look up name on kiosk
    • Receptionist sign out from receptionist PC
    • Auto sign out at set time
  • Sign out survey
  • Evacuation Management Reporting
  • Guest Presence Reporting
  • Employee Presence Reporting

Opt-in Add-ons

Add-ons are features which enhance your WhosOnLocation experience. Whilst the Standard feature set gives you all you need for a robust and effective visitor and employee presence management system our Add-ons make your WhosOnLocation stronger and a more powerful security and health and safety tool. Add-ons are included with all Plans.

  • Acknowledgment Notices
  • Asset Management
  • Dashboards
  • Identity Management
  • Induction Records Management
  • Qualifications Management
  • Service Provider Management
  • WolEvac
  • WolMobile

SMS (text messaging) Fees: All Standard features and opt-in Add-ons are included with all plans in the monthly fee including Guest arrival notifications via email. However SMS notifications are an additional fee. See SMS charges next question.

Plug-ins and Integrations: Your WhosOnLocation account will also include opt-in use of external Plug-ins and Integrations like Active Directory. Some of these do incur an additional fee and this is available on request.

Setup Fees: There is no setup fee where you, the Customer, setup and configure your account to meet your requirements. We do provide free Getting Started Training where we teach you how to configure your account, as well provide an online Helpdesk with tutorials and Video training. However; our support and partner teams around the world do offer an account setup and configuration service if you feel this would make life easier for you and speed up your deployment. We refer to this as ‘managed services’. If you would like us to configure your account for you please let us know and we’ll provide a quote before proceeding.

SMS (text messaging charges) There are several functions where you can opt to use SMS (text) messaging namely;

  • Guest arrival notifications
  • Post-evacuation sending of the ‘are you safe?’ SMS to guests and employees
  • Triggers
  • SMS is also used with some Add-ons.

SMS notifications do incur an additional fee and these are detailed below:

SMS Cost Per Pack (A Pack includes 1000 SMS’s)

Australian based Customers: AUD$140.00
Canadian based Customers: CAD$50.00
UK and European based Customers: GBP£50.00
New Zealand based Customers: NZD$140.00
United States and South American based Customers: USD$50.00

Pricing excludes GST, VAT, and any other local taxes you are liable to pay.

Yes we refer to these as our Terms of Use. The term of the agreement is 12 months commencing the day after your Trial expires. You can however pay monthly in advance or annually in advance. Regardless of payment frequency you can terminate your License with 30 Days’ notice anytime.

The Plan you are initially placed on is determined by you after your 30 Day free trial. It is a decision determined in good faith and the Plan you go on is based on your forecasted Guest and/or Employee sign-in count over a 12 month period. We understand that you will not accurately know how many sign-ins you expect to do over the course of the following 12 months (your first license period). Account Owners and Report Users can view real-time sign-in stats for the current license period anytime.

If you have more guests or employee sign-ins than are included in your plan before the renewal of your current license period we will calculate which Plan you should have been on throughout the current License Period and place you on that Plan. We will then send you a wash-up invoice representing the difference between what you paid and what you should have paid up until the breach of sign-ins. Thereafter you are on the new Plan rate.

There are different ways for you to pay, depending on the type and length of plan you choose.

Starter Regular Business Professional
Monthly Not available On Invoice by Credit Card or Bank Transfer | Electronic Payment
Annually On Invoice by Credit Card or Bank Transfer | Electronic Payment

Our License Plans exclude VAT, and any other local taxes you are liable to pay.

You can start/ stop or make changes to your plan at any time (but note that refunds are not given for cancellation or downgrades.)

  • United States based companies pay in $USD
  • Canadian based companies pay in $CAD
  • Australian based companies pay in $AUD
  • New Zealand based companies pay in $NZD
  • United Kingdom based companies pay in £GBP
  • And all others pay in $USD

Customer Support

24/7 support is available from your friendly customer care team. Better yet, this is included in your annual license with no extra online service fees.

30 Day Free Trial

You get access to all features and Add-ons. No credit card required. Post trial all of your customizations, data, and actions remain intact if you continue on to License.

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As a cloud-based solution there is no software to download. Simply log on from any browser; allowing you to deploy and manage multiple locations, anywhere in the world.

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